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  • This year’s faculty strike saw faculty and students alike take to the streets and picket lines. Some students demonstrated their support of MAFA while others were concerned with recieving a tutition rebate for lost class time. The faculty ranks were bolstered by ‘flying pickets’ sent by the Canadian Association of University Teachers. (Chris Donovan/Argosy)
    The long road to a contract
    by Jean-Sébastien Comeau - 6 days 3 hours ago

    Even in the days before they were handed a new collective agreement by an arbitrator, the university’s faculty union and administration could not agree about some of the basic issues highlighted in... read more

  • Mt. A’s budget consultations this year may be an effort to improve on last year, when parts of the budgeting process, like the $50 tech fee, were roundly criticized as opaque. (Chis Donovan/Argosy)
    Admin launches budget, fee consultation
    by Tyler Stuart - 6 days 3 hours ago

    A different approach to budget development had members of the Mount Allison community discuss the technology, lab, and ensemble fees imposed on students in last year’s budget.

    The Nov. 17 session stood in contrast to last year’s budgeting process, when the administration imposed a technology fee on students without consultation of the university community. The fee did not go into a section of the budget designated for technology purchase or maintenance, but... read more

  • Students take centre stage in visual campaign. (Meghan McLean/SHARE)
    SHARE targets excuses for sexual assault, harassment
    by Willa McCaffrey-Noviss - 6 days 4 hours ago

    Mount Allison students are working together to change the discourse surrounding sexual assault. Students coming in and out of Gracie’s on Nov. 14 participated in the Erasing Excuses campaign supported by Mt. A’s Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Education service, more commonly known as SHARE. 

    Students took their picture with an “excuse” for sexual assault written on a whiteboard. 

    “Metaphorically, we want to erase all that negative... read more

  • Keillor poses in START Gallery with Voids, a piece that involved burning holes in old family photographs. (Chris Donovan/Argosy)
    Keillor plays with form and memory
    by Amanda Cormier - 6 days 4 hours ago

    Jasmine Keillor’s exhibition at START Gallery, entitled “Echoes from Home,” is characterized by two main concepts: nostalgia and juxtaposition.

    By pulling inspiration from old family photo albums, Keillor attempted to isolate specific moments in her personal history and present them in a unique way.

    “Nostalgia as a psychological state fascinates me because it is rooted in paradox and contradiction,” reads Keillor’s artist statement.

    ... read more
  • The Women’s Rugby team battled against extreme conditions to take their third ACAA title in the past four years. (Sarah Richardson/Argosy)
    Mann clinches championship in cold
    by Alex Bates - 6 days 5 hours ago

    As the ACAA Women’s Rugby championship was held the day after Sackville’s first snowfall of the winter, the Mount Allison Mounties and St. Thomas University Tommies had to battle frigid conditions to win the league title. After a hard-fought match, the Mounties prevailed 10-5 in double overtime.

    “It was probably the hardest game anyone on the team has ever had to play,” said team captain Sydney Mann. At game time, the... read more